In re Smith v. Jeppsen 2012CO32 (April 30,2012)

As the healthcare debate rages, a central question is over the actual cost of medical care. Courts also try to determine the reasonable value of medical services provided to an accident victim. That value is either justice for victims or double recovery, depending on your perspective. The collateral source rule, now a statute rather than a common-law doctrine, attempts to balance those competing interests by restricting the evidence considered before a damage award, and then subtracting actual payments after the award. But what evidence should be considered before the award? The amounts billed or the amounts actually paid, or both? A divided Court answered by looking to the collateral source statute, and held the Legislature answered by picking the amount billed, but not actually paid. In this case, the relatively new statute applied prospectively, but pre-verdict.

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  1. In a companion case, Wal-Mart v. Cossgrove 2012CO31, issued the same day, the common law collateral source rule is examined and applied to reach essentially the same conclusion.


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