In the Matter of Attorney F, 2012CO57 (September 10, 2012)

A momentary lapse of reason is not just a Pink Floyd album. In this case, during trial, a prosecutor allowed a witness to testify falsely that she did not have a meeting with the prosecutor during a break in her testimony. Later, when asked by defense counsel, the prosecutor did not reveal the meeting with the witness. Later, realizing the gravity of the situation, the prosecutor notified the court, which reported her to the disciplinary board. The board found that the prosecutor made a knowing misrepresentation in violation of C.R.P.C. 8.4. Although reluctant, the board felt compelled to impose a public sanction. The Court reversed, though not disagreeing with the discipline. Rather, the Court emphasized that the board has full discretion in all situations to impose the sanctions it believes are appropriate. The Court remanded to allow the board to exercise its full discretion.

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  1. Here is an interesting fact: attorney regulation case letters are alphabetical. So the “F” is unrelated to the attorney’s name.


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