The Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Library, and Court Administrator Are Moving!

The Supreme Court issued a press release explaining the move into the new Ralph Carr Colorado Judicial Center and its effect on the courts’ business. A few deadlines are important: 1) no records will be available to check out from December 7th to the 21st; 2) both courts will close at 4pm on December 14th and reopen on December 19th–ALL FILING DEADLINES that fall within that time-frame are automatically extended to December 19th; 3) Emergency pleadings will be accepted by the clerks office (at the old location) on December 17th and 18th; 4) the Library will be closed from November 23rd to December 19th; and 5) the State Court Administrator will close over the weekend from December 14th to December 17th. A media tour is planned for December 11th.


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