Justice Nancy E. Rice named Chief Justice-designate of the Colorado Supreme Court

Selected portions of a press release from the Colorado Supreme Court today:

DENVER – The Colorado Supreme Court announced today that Justice Nancy E. Rice will serve as Chief Justice-designate in concert with Chief Justice Michael L. Bender until he retires as Chief Justice and from the Court on his 72nd birthday, January 7, 2014.
“The role and responsibilities of the Chief Justice are vast and varied and I look forward to working with Chief Justice-designate Rice over the next seven months so that she can most effectively take over as Chief Justice,” Chief Justice Bender said. “I am pleased the Court decided to make this appointment now so that we can work together on our shared vision for continued excellence in the judiciary.”

Chief Justice-designate Rice was selected by the other members of the Colorado Supreme Court and will work hand-in-hand with Chief Justice Bender to ensure an efficient transition in leadership for the Court and Colorado Judicial Branch. Under the Colorado Constitution, state justices and judges must retire by age 72. A formal announcement on Chief Justice Bender’s retirement will made in the future.

“I am honored to be entrusted by my colleagues on the Court with this opportunity,” said Chief Justice-designate Rice. “During his tenure, Chief Justice Bender has placed a high importance on leadership and learning for everyone in the Judicial Branch and has encouraged others to seek ways to be better leaders in their courthouses and communities. I look forward to working with him, learning from his experiences as Chief Justice and carrying our mission forward.”

HERE is a link to the full Press Release.


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