The Cases Pending Review page has been updated

The page now has an updated photograph of the new Colorado Supreme Court, including the Hon. William Hood III.

Also, two new grants of certiorari and three new grants under CAR 21 have been added:

13SA332, In Re: Plaintiff: Cindy Wagner, v. Defendants: James Brian McMahill; Allen, Vahrenwald & Johnson LLC, n/k/a Vahrenwald, Johnson & McMahill, LLC a Colorado limited liability company; Pelegrin & Radeff P.c.; Jon Slaughter Pelegrin; and Rebekah Warfield Brown; and Concerning Defendant: Attorney H.

13SA124, In re: Plaintiff: Scott R. Simpson v.Defendants: Cedar Springs Hospital, Inc., a d/b/a Cedar Springs Behavioral Mental Health Systems; Roger Dwight Pumphrey, M.D.; and Charles J. Peck, M.D.

No. 13SC497, Oasis Legal Finance Group, LLC; Oasis Legal Finance, LLC; Oasis Legal Finance Operating Company, LLC; and Plaintiff Funding Holding, Inc., d/b/a LawCash, v.  John W. Suthers  and Julie Ann Meade, Court of Appeals Case No. 12CA1130

No. 13SC556, Allstate Insurance Company v. Medical Lien Management, Inc.,Court of Appeals Case No. 12CA691

2014SA13, In Re: Lillian R. Malm v. Marion Villegas,


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