Welcome to the Colorado Litigation Report

The Colorado Litigation Report is an online resource that tracks and summarizes Colorado appellate court decisions affecting civil and commercial law. Summaries answer three questions: what was the case about, what legal rules does it stand for, and how is it important? Each post answers all three questions in 750 characters or less. Posts are engaging, tell the story of the case, and summarize the legal result — in about 30 seconds. In a busy world, the CLR’s micro-summaries provide premium information and significant time-value to any practice or business.

The CLR will now link to the CBA’s page containing summaries rather than its copy of the opinions because CBA archived opinions are available to members only.

[Due to time constraints, the CLR no longer posts on all court of appeals civil opinions. The CLR also does not summarize Water Court appeals or Workers’ Compensation appeals].

When it comes to Colorado Supreme Court coverage, the CLR is the most comprehensive in the state. The CLR provides a single place to find original jurisdiction and certiorari grants. And the CLR is the only place to find which justice/s would have granted issues that were denied.

The CLR allows you to:

Please feel free to leave your comments under this or other posts. All comments are moderated before they are published. Click on the Contact CLR tab for more information about sending a private message. All respectful discussion is welcome.


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2 responses to “Welcome to the Colorado Litigation Report

  1. A note about the citation format for post titles. In 2012, the Colorado Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals started using a sequential numbering system for each published opinion, separate from the case number. (See CJD 12-01). For example, Kowalchik v. Brohl has two opinions (see post and my comment below) and, therefore, two COA numbers, but only one case number. The title of each post contains the opinion number. The format is Year_COA_#, for Court of Appeals opinions and Year_CO_#, for the Supreme Court.


  2. I have also decided to conform the “posting date” to the date of the opinion, to make searching the archives a bit easier. So the posts will be after-the-fact. But if you want the most up-date postings, “follow” the blog.


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