About the CLR

Thank you for taking time to read the Colorado Litigation Report. The CLR is for the reader whose Inbox is full and has little time for yet another source of news, or yet another email that will never be read. Posts will be engaging, tell the story of the case, and summarize the legal result — in about 30 seconds. Each post will have the name of the case and a link to the original PDF on the Court’s website, as well as a link to the Colorado Bar Association’s reproduction.

[Due to time constrains, the CLR no longer posts all court of appeals civil cases].

When it comes to Colorado Supreme Court coverage, the CLR is the most comprehensive. The CLR provides a single place to find certiorari grants and a list of issues denied, but which one or more Justices would have granted. This is a feature I have added for the upcoming 2012-2013 session. If you are considering filing a petition, it is a valuable resource for researching what issues will appeal to certain Justices. Denied issues will be listed for each Justice, and are word-searchable. See the “Certiorari” page for more details.

The CLR is easy to read, easy to use, and it is all in one place. What does that mean for you? As a concise one-stop shop for Colorado civil and commercial legal updates, cases, and changes in the law, you can read a post, know you have the latest information on Colorado law, then move on to the rest of your busy day.

  • The best use would be to “follow” this blog and use it as a free research resource. We all have full Inboxes, so why get another email? Micro-summaries address that concern. The emails will be short and reader-friendly. If you want to comment and add your own views, visit the site. Otherwise, what you get is short and sweet, no long detailed explanations.
  • Posts will also include occasional updates related to changes in the Rules of Civil Procedure, the Civil Access Pilot Project, and other changes to civil litigation in Colorado.
  • If you would like to contact the CLR directly, send email to [coloradolitigationreport@gmail.com]

If you are looking to learn more about a decision, the courts, or civil litigation, I may be of some help. I am happy to provide information to the press or non-attorneys looking for a more in-depth understanding of a case or holding.

If you are not an attorney, and have questions about a specific case or problem, feel free to send an email, but please see my disclaimer. I am not providing legal advice or offering legal representation through this website. If you are looking for legal representation, please send a message through the Contact Page

(Please do not leave any public comments or specific legal questions here. Protect your privileged and confidential information by keeping it private).

Here is an article about how the CLR got its start: http://soloincolo.com/blogging-do-you-care-about-what-i-have-to-say

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