Justice Allison H. Eid

Would grant certiorari on the following issues:

Kenneth Tyler Scott and Clifton Powell v. Saint John’s Church in the Wilderness, a Colorado nonprofit corporation; Charles I. Thompson; and Charles W. Berberich, Court of Appeals Case No. 11CA508 (January 7, 2013)

Whether the court of appeals erred under Snyder, Brown, and Flores in creating new exceptions to the First Amendment to restrict protests at religious events — punishing nonobscene posters and unamplified voices under the law of real property nuisance and civil conspiracy, and with an injunction against trespass and loud voices — where counter-demonstrators remained on public property, did not trespass or impede access, spoke on matters of public concern and complied with city ordinances.

Whether the court of appeals erred twice under New York Times and Bose by failing to consider the First Amendment as a defense.

BNSF Railway Company v. McLaughlin, Court of Appeals Case No. 11CA751 (March 25, 2013)

Whether a defendant is entitled to an effective instruction on apportionment of damages when the plaintiff’s preexisting condition was asymptomatic at the time of the incident.

Sonitrol Corporation v. Core-Mark Midcontinent, Inc.; et. al., Court of Appeals Case Nos. 10CA2289 & 11CA369 (April 29, 2013)

Did the court of appeals err in applying its own notions of public policy to create a new cause of action for willful and wanton breach of a commercial contract involving only economic damages, which voids a limitation of liability mutually agreed to between business entities with equal bargaining power, contrary to Colorado’s public policy of protecting freedom of contract and allocation of risk.

If the quasi-tort of willful and wanton breach of a commercial contract, where only economic damages are sought, is permitted to become the law in Colorado, did the court of appeals err in prohibiting petitioner from allocating fault to the arsonist and the respondent who caused the damages.

RCG Glenwood, LLC, v. Extreme Construction Co.,  Court of Appeals Case No. 12CA84 (Sept. 3, 2013)

Whether, as a matter of first impression, the doctrine of equitable estoppel prevents application of post contract audit of a “cost plus contract” to determine “actual costs.”

Whether the court of appeals may substitute its finding of facts for that of the trial court on a contested factual record.

United Airlines, v. Angela Jones and Industrial Claim Appeals Office of the State of Colorado, Court of Appeals Case No. 12CA1443

Whether temporary disability benefits received in excess of the statutory limit set forth in section 8-42-107.5, C.R.S. constitute an overpayment and may be recovered by the employer.

TABOR Foundation, a Colorado non – profit corporation, v. Douglas Aden, Heather Barry, Colorado Bridge Enterprise, Colorado Transportation Commission, Kathy Connell, Kathy Gilli land, Les Gruen, Gilbert Ortiz, Steve Parker, Trey Rogers, Gary M. Reiff, and Edward J. Peterson, all in their Official Capacities as members of the Colorado Transportation Commission. Court of Appeals Case No. 13CA1621(June 29, 2015)

Whether an involuntary bridge surcharge levied on vehicle registration is a tax or a TABOR – exempt fee when the vehicle does not cross bridges funded by the surcharge.

Whether a TABOR – exempt enterprise must be operated as a self – supporting business and the transactions between the enterprise and customers must be market exchanges taking place in a competitive, arms – lengt h manner. Whether the General Assembly’s definition of “grant” in section 24 – 77 – 102(7) , C.R.S. (2014), correctly interpreted the purpose and meaning of TABOR.