Justice Monica M. Márquez

Would grant certiorari on the following issues:

Oloyea D. Wallin v. Janene McCabe and Sean McDermott, Court of Appeals Case No. 09CA2699 (November 5, 2012)

Whether the Colorado Court of Appeals erred in holding that the defendants-appellees of the county public defender office were state actors for protection of governmental immunity under the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act.

Judicial Watch, Inc. v. John Gleason, Attorney Regulation Counsel, Court of Appeals No. 11CA930 (November 19, 2012)

Whether the Judiciary is not part of the State for purposes of the Colorado Open Records Act and, therefore, is not subject to statute.

Larry DeMarco and Patrick DeMarco, v. Broadway Dodge, Inc., Court of Appeals Case No. 10CA726 (April 15, 2013)

Whether a deceptive trade practice contained within the “Specific Provisions” of the Colorado Consumer Protection Act requires a separate showing of public impact.

Colorado Higher Education Insurance Benefits Alliance Trust et. al. v. Terence Timothy Casey and Joseph Taylor, as representatives of a class consisting of pre-6/30/2003 employees of Mesa State College who had contributed to the Disability Trust. Court of Appeals Case No. 10CA1188 (Sept. 3, 2013)

Whether the majority below erred by looking into the economic loss rule when determining whether tort claims arising from a contractual matrix are barred by the CGIA.

Whether the court of appeals erred in failing to follow long-standing precedent o this Court and other division of the court of appeals which historically have recognized that the doctrine of mistake affords a party rights to equitable relief which is contract based and not barred by the CGIA.