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Daryl Miller and Denver Police Protective Association v. City and County of Denver, 2013COA78 (May 23, 2013)

Police officers have a dangerous job. So, Denver’s City Charter and the City’s Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Denver Police Protective Association provide benefits for injured officers. In this case, the court of appeals analyzed those documents and held that an injured Denver Police Officer (DPO) is entitled to a maximum of one year disability leave at full salary, without regard to the temporary or permanent nature of his or her disability. But, a DPO’s one year of full-salary disability leave does not have to be used within a particular 365-day period but may be spread over multiple years. Although full-salary benefits last only one year, an injured DPO is also eligible for other benefits lasting longer than one year. The trial court upheld the city’s deduction of an officer’s benefits in excess of the one-year limit; a decision affirmed by the court of appeals.



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