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Shelter Mutual Insurance v. Steven Vaughn and Alvin Miller, 2013COA25 (February 28, 2013)

“Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” ­ Machiavelli. At a YMCA basketball game, Vaughn, the father of a player, hit Miller, a referee, and injured him. Miller sues and Vaughn’s insurer, Shelter, defends under a reservation of rights because its policy excludes coverage for intentional acts. Vaughn is found negligent. Vaughn then assigned his rights in his insurance coverage to Miller, in a Bashor Agreement. Shelter brought a declaratory judgment action denying coverage and wins. Vaughn and Miller argued that Shelter was precluded from disclaiming coverage because Vaughn was found to have acted negligently, not intentionally. The court disagreed, affirming judgment for Shelter. Shelter was not collaterally estopped, because 1) Vaughn’s and Shelter’s interests conflicted and 2) Shelter could not have argued Vaughn acted intentionally while defending him.



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